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Have you been watching our latest programme, Karung Guni Muda on Suria? If you haven’t, here’s a short recap on what you’ve missed!

Episode 1: Mysterious Keris

We met a budding keris collector, Mr Faisal wants to sell one of his Keris. Our host tackles the task of finding someone to evaluate the Keris and debunking the myth of Keris being related to Black Magic!

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Episode 2: Money Money Money!

The Karung Guni Muda gets a call from Rafi, an agitated son whose Mother keeps old notes – everywhere. Our host sets out to bring these to n under’ of how much her old notes are really worth, both in monetary and sentimental value.

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Episode 3: Old School Gramophones

Our host faces another family dispute— Amalia wants to sells her grandfather’s old gramophones to make space for her sick grandmother, but he can’t bear to part with them! Now it’s up to Karung Guni Muda to persuade and evaluate, while keeping both parties happy.

Episode 4: Say Cheese!

Raidah, passionate about photography buys seven antique cameras – one of them is spoilt beyond repair – in three months, her worried friend calls Karung Guni Muda to help her evaluate her cameras, and maybe sell one or two of them.

Episode 5: Time Will Tell

Mr Hanafi’s son can’t stand his father’s collection of antique clocks. Eager to show his son the value of these antique clocks, they rope in Karng Guni Muda’s help, and if the price is right, he might just sell some of his clocks.

Episode 6: Hello?

Our host gets a call fro Madam Lia,who wants to sell him….. newspapers? Our host chances upon a house full of antiques, and Madam Lia even tries to sell him her husband’s old telephones. Mr Ilhami, her husband stops her just in time! However, his wife and our host join forces and eventually convinced him to evaluate his phones, in hope that he will want to sell them.

Make sure to catch Karung Guni Muda every Wednesday, 8.30 on Suria!

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