Singapore Supersized! launching tonight on MediaCorp Okto.

We want to supersize Art!

At 10pm tonight (on Okto), you get to see our pilot episode of Singapore Supersized! In each episode, members of the community will be working with artists in the local scene to create a supersized arts creation that can be enjoyed by the public, with the intention of showing that art need not necessarily be difficult to execute, but also a fun, team building and confidence raising exercise.

In episode 1, we supersized music. Samba percussion collective Bloco Singapura has to work with 140 willing participants to create a music performance at Marina Barrage. Bloco Singapura is led by Syed Ahmad, a veteran in the music industry with over a decade of experience in the Brazilian art form, and the group is known for their electrifying performances at Esplanade, Chingay, festivals and more. This time, Bloco has to face a new challenge training students from Corporation Primary School, members of the collective as well as fans and newcomers within the span of just 3 days, during which they are tasked with choreographing a never before seen performance for the public. Joining them are mother and son duo Kamaliah and Fadhly, who will be collaborating on a solo together along with fresh faces Rian and Ilia, marking their first time with the art form. Will they succeed?

Watch the trailer here:

Enjoy the show everyone!

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