As a kick-start to the month of March, ScreenBox had worked closely with National Kidney Foundation (NKF) in producing 13 episodes of a docu-drama TV programme entitled “Simptom” which aims to bring benefits to viewers and instil knowledge on a common illness faced by the community. Simptom was first telecasted on 2nd March 2016. ScreenBox managed to engage celebrity Taufik Batisah as the host throughout this series, and various kidney patients as case studies who played a part to the success of this project.


ScreenBox conceptualized the entire mode of this TV programme consisting of 3 different segments which are interviews, reenactments and lastly a surprise segment for each case studies. In addition, we worked closely with various A-list talents in reenactment segments to ensure that the production delivery is at its most quality.

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Other services that we offer are as such:

–       Research and Scriptwriting
–       Conceptualizing production angle and message delivery.
–       Producing
–       Liaising with clients, talents and locations permits
–       Filming and scheduling
–       Post production execution such as video editing, visual graphics and stories
–       Submission deliverables and packaging to broadcast station

Additional components:

–       Poster/Slate Designs
–       Subtitling from Malay to English, vice versa
–       Trailers of 15 seconds, 30 seconds and 60 seconds.

For more information or possible collaboration, do make your queries to:

Harlina Abdul Karim
Senior Business Development Manager
Mobile: +65 9487 5914
Office: +65 6324 2463
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