Our NEW SERIES: “So Good Lah”!

We have launched a new series called So Good Lah, where 3 different generations, X, Y and Z come together to talk about topics of interest, ranging from friendships to travelling! Featuring Sujimy Mohamad as the resident host (Generation X) and 2 other influencers (Generation X and Y), a hearty and engaging conversation is held in our humble studio set-up. (Check out our neon light display of “So Good Lah”!) Without further ado, let’s delve into the reasons why this series is sure to make your heads turn and your heart craving for more.

Behind the scenes of our “So Good Lah” Episodes
  • Having a good laugh will surely brighten your day. So, why not click on one of our episodes for some joy and laughter? Join Hafidz Rahman and Sarah Syazlina to decode the meaning behind Gen Z slangs (Let’s get this bread!) and find out why Zaki Hussain from SGAG loathes Tampines. (oo tea…)
Mandatory 0.5x photo with Sujimy, Zaki, Dahlia and Screenbox crew!
  • Jokes aside, who doesn’t love a good inspirational thought of the day? Watch our first episode where Sujimy, Hafiz and Jazlina discuss the responsibilities of the oldest child. “For us ladies, they have expectations,… on how we should behave… When my siblings were born, [I realise] my parents were less strict on them”, postulated Jazlina, who is the oldest sibling in her family. Carry on to watch Episode 2, where the guests delve into the reasons why they hustle and how hustling brought them to greater heights.
Sujimy, Hafiz and Jazlina talks about Anak Dara VS Anak Bujang on Episode 1
  • Meet some rising influencers and find out their tips and tricks to life! Hear Zalelo and Afrah converse on how to maintain a healthy friendship. Save yourselves from going broke with awesome money-saving tips from Sham and Sabrina. Look out for them in the later episodes!
Sujimy, Afrah and Zalelo thrilled and ready to discuss the topic of Friendship!

Head over to @sujimymohamad’s Youtube channel and Facebook Page to watch the first 2 episodes now! If this 30 minute video did not satisfy your hunger for more thought-provoking discussions, hear the full, unedited version on Screenbox’s spotify! Keep a lookout for more episodes coming out real soon…

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