#OTWtoJannah Live Show

Screenbox produced a live show for Perdaus live with multi-camera production, streamed LIVE through two Facebook pages, sujimyofficialpage and perdausofficialpage on 26 October 2018. We would like to thank Perdaus for giving us the opportunity to be the production crew for the live show. Screenbox also played a huge role in promoting #OTWtoJannah on various social media platforms such as TehTarik.sg, Taip and Thrive, ScreenBox Pte Ltd and sujimyofficialpage. #OTWtoJannah was fully-equipped with 4 cameras, including one roving camera to capture the visitors who arrived on set. The live show was centered around the idea of doing a good deed and pathing your way towards Jannah.

The live show was hosted by Sujimy Mohamad, Huda Ali, Dyn Norahim and Ainon Talib who ensured that the show ran smoothly. The live show was accompanied by a bake sale to collect funds for Perdaus to upgrade their learning centres and give the students new facilities to study in. The Four Baker Boys held a bake sale which helped to raise more funds. It was safe to say that all bakes were sold out by the end of the live show!

Other than the bake sale, we also had a segment to auction off a Zam-Zam flask that was a replica of Prophet Muhammad’s. The replica was done by Mr. Zul Mansor, a pottery teacher in Singapore American School. The replica was then given to the highest bidder and proceeds went to raising funds for Perdaus.

We were graced by President of Perdaus and guest Ustaz Tarmizi Wahid who talked about the topic of #OTWtoJannah Bersama Yang Tersayang. We introduced the Perdaus’ representatives and their efforts to help the community. We had segments of special performances by Juara, Cordobana (a methodology with percussion to learn Arabic phonics) and pre-school students from Perdaus too.

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Our services extended included:

– Promote event through our social media platforms

– Conceptualise creative direction

– Schedule, plan, and conduct filming with multi-camera

– Liaison with clients and artistes

– Multi-Camera Studio Production and Directing

– Livestream to different social media pages

– Pre-production editing and packaging (VTs)

– Post-production editing and packaging

We worked very closely with Perdaus and we would like to thank Perdaus for giving us the opportunity to organise the live show. We would like to thank everyone who watched the live stream on social media and those who came down to support #OTWtoJannah. We wouldn’t have accomplished this without your support!

You can watch the livestream here again:

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