It’s a wrap for Singapore Supersized!?

Yes we have just wrapped up the Singapore Supersized series on Okto. A series where art is a tool to bring different communities in Singapore together, with supersized art projects never been attempted or seen before! With the brightest minds in the industry working to bring their art form into the city, heartlands and more, witness as people from all walks of life let loose their creativity and unite for arts’ sake! 50 or more participants are only given 3 days to execute, how will they pull of their supersized task?

With over 400 participants in the course of 6 episodes and different art forms ranging from percussion to video installation combined, it was definitely a supersized treat for us to bring it to life.

The good news is Singapore Supersized’s programme format is available for you to adapt to any country. For example, Malaysia Supersized, Japan Supersized and China Supersized. Write to us if you’re keen!

Here’s a recap on each episode:

Episode 1
Syed Ahmad from samba percussion collective Bloco Singapura works together with 140 participants from Corporation Primary School, fans and newcomers to create a never before seen music performance at Marina Barage.

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Episode 2
Dance crew Luminiq together with Malay exercise group Kebayarobics and ballet students from Kavanagh Dance School experiments a new dance style form that they have never done before. Most importantly however is the inclusion of the special needs students from Chaoyang School, who struggle with learning disabilities.

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Episode 3
Jacquelyn from Singapore Young Contemporary Artists and Li-Cassidy Peet create a special night installation art piece using everyday items such as simple light sticks, they plan to illuminate the Jurong Lake boardwalk for residents to enjoy as the sun sets.

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Episode 4
Renowned graffiti artist Slacsatu mentors students from Assumption Pathway School and Hillgrove Secondary School to create a one of a kind mural for the void deck of 339D Kang Ching Road, giving vision to the resident’s community values and ideas.

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Episode 5
Irfan Kasban from Teater Ekamatra together with students from ITE performed a a site specific theatre, walking procession from Telok Ayer Performaning Arts Centre to Aliwal Arts Centre.

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Episode 6
Video installation artist Race Krehel teams up with acclaimed choreographer Gani Karim to create a special performance piece for the public and night with the help of students from Yuhua Secondary School.

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