Meet the team behind ScreenBox, each one a driving force towards our continued success.

Sujimy Mohamad
Managing Director

Apart from making viral TikTok and Instagram videos with his wife (who is also a co-founder of ScreenBox), Sujimy ranks amongst Singapore’s Top 20% Influencers, with millions of people reached across the region on Facebook and YouTube alone. Sujimy is passionate about creating human-interest stories and keeps everyone on track with their project schedule. He’s always on the look out for fascinating content that can go viral!

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Haslinda Ali
Director & Founder of FitFab

Haslinda’s first love is writing and she loves to play with words! As head writer and executive producer, she is always up for scripting or creating something snazzy and witty for clients. Her new found passion is fitness and she is a certified personal trainer and group instructor, leading a fitness movement for the ladies, called Fitfab by Haslinda Ali. Always full of energy and positivity, Haslinda believes a healthy body breeds a happy mind and soul. As a trained pianist, she embraces music and dance as part of her relaxation.

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Executive Producer

Always finding things to do as she manages her team at work because she thinks she’s as busy as Neelofa without her expensive bags and clothes. Morning routine includes blasting traditional songs and podcasts daily, getting a good breakfast, and she’s set for the day.

Senior Producer

Fazila loves cats, like A LOT. She’s the one who keeps work and filming plans in order, and always seen with props and schedules.


Camera, Lights and Coffee! Get her a cup and all your edits are done 😉
She’s the editor and also known as the in-house director of photography.

Salmah Mohamad
Senior Administrative Clerk

She loves to drink fruit juice and eats healthily all the time. Apart from being the “mother” in the office, she handles all administrative and financial matters.