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*Statistics are accurate as of April 2022.

Sujimy Mohamad

Sujimy Mohamad is the creative force behind Screenbox Pte Ltd. He’s a Producer & Content Creator. He’s also a media, advertising and marketing consultant for many ad agencies in Singapore and Malaysia – helping those who wants to target the Malay/Muslim consumers in the region. Today, the 30-year veteran remains a prominent member of the Media industry – in Singapore and the region. Check out his Facebook page to see his latest videos.

What can this page do for you? focuses on current affairs news and trends close to the heart of the Malay Muslim community. The team managing the page is constantly looking out for what people are talking about and interested in finding the latest scoops for the audience. If you’d like to advertise or share any relevant stories with us.
Feel free to contact us to discuss over a cup of Teh Tarik.

What can this page do for you?

Haslinda Ali Life

Haslinda Ali, is the wife of Sujimy Mohamad and this Facebook page is dedicated to her FITFAB activities. Be it workshops, seminars, guest appearances, cooking demonstrations or general events. Her aim is to reach out to those who want to get fit but not sure where to start or those who are already on their journey. Driven by passion, Haslinda wants to empower others with knowledge to get fitter, stronger and healthier.

What can this page do for you?

ScreenBox Pte Ltd

ScreenBox is a content creating agency that specializes in platform management and the production of viral videos for social media. Our videos revolve around human-interest stories and we believe that they are able to reach out to the masses effectively online. If you’ve got a story to share or feel we should be raising awareness about a particular topic, get in touch with us!

What can this page do for you?