NadimsWorldGenre/Duration: 2D Animation, 13 x 3 minutes
Synopsis: Meet Nadim and his imaginary friend, Todak and be transported into an imaginary world full of adventures as they listen to the sounds of the night, amidst the darkness of his bedroom. Together , they will embark on madcap quests that will thrill your senses and tickle your funny bone!
Original Language: Universal Language
Material Available: Posters, Character (s) Style Guide & M/E tracks

Write to if you would like to acquire this series for broadcast or to own the Merchandising and/or DVD rights for your territory.

Or you can also write to our appointed worldwide distributor for this series, Comet Entertainment Inc. 10th Floor, 1235 Bay Street, Toronto ON M5R 3K4. Contact: (1) 416 421 4229

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