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Our NEW SERIES: “So Good Lah”!

We have launched a new series called So Good Lah, where 3 different generations, X, Y and Z come together to talk about topics of interest, ranging from friendships to travelling! Featuring Sujimy Mohamad as the resident host (Generation X) and 2 other influencers (Generation X and Y), a hearty and engaging conversation is held […]

#OTWtoJannah Live Show

Screenbox produced a live show for Perdaus live with multi-camera production, streamed LIVE through two Facebook pages, sujimyofficialpage and perdausofficialpage on 26 October 2018. We would like to thank Perdaus for giving us the opportunity to be the production crew for the live show. Screenbox also played a huge role in promoting #OTWtoJannah on various […]

Bicara Perdana Mufti LIVE show

Screenbox produced a live show for Islamic Religious Council of Singapore (MUIS) and Mosque-Madrasah-Wakaf Shared Services on 8 September 2018. We curated the programmes for Bicara Perdana Mufti from location filming with street interviews, to the red carpet and the LIVE program. Screenbox also played a huge role in promoting Bicara Perdana Mufti on various social […]

ScreenBox Wins The Tender For HPB Campaign

We are very happy to announce that we have won the tender for a Health Promotion Board campaign this year. This will be a year long campaign to promote healthier lifestyle choices within the Malay community. This includes producing original content on various media platforms, both online and offline, such as vlogs with social media […]