Mahkota 101: Season 3





Screenbox had successfully produced the third season of Mahkota 101 this year, which was again commissioned by MediaCorp & Beijing 101. Mahkota 101 is a 3 episodes of a half -hour TV program hosted by none other than Huda Ali and AB Shaik, which aims to share tips and tricks on how to maintain good hair care and how to prevent common hair problems faced by the society.

IMG_3470 IMG_3273

ScreenBox conceptualised the entire programme and executed the production and packaging.

IMG_5209 copy IMG_3898 IMG_3544

This year we brought Mahkota101 nearer to the audience and into a shopping mall. With our good relationship with OneKM Mall, ScreenBox secured the venue and we built the show’s set and mounted the multi-camera operations onsite.

IMG_3922 IMG_3652 IMG_3134

The show was opened to the public for viewing.

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