Meet the team behind ScreenBox, each one a driving force towards our continued success.

Sujimy Mohamad
Managing Director

Sujimy found his latest muse after co-producing Havana, ooh na-na with his daughters and raking in easily 16,500 views on instagram and still counting. Other than that, he is busy with his actual work which is vlogging human-interest stories with the aim of reaching no less than millions in Facebook. Sujimy keeps everyone on track with their project schedule and is always on a lookout for fascinating content that can go viral!

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Haslinda Ali
Director & Founder of FitFab

Haslinda’s first love is writing and she loves to play with words! As head writer and executive producer, she is always up for scripting or creating something snazzy and witty for clients. Her new found passion is fitness and she is a certified personal trainer and group instructor, leading a fitness movement for the ladies, called Fitfab by Haslinda Ali. Always full of energy and positivity, Haslinda believes a healthy body breeds a happy mind and soul. As a trained pianist, she embraces music and dance as part of her relaxation.

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She thinks she’s Neelofa but Fattah Amin married Fazura. To mend her broken heart, she works hard by managing the team and videos, texting people for their submissions and typing out her ideas in whatsapp chats even when she’s in the toilet.

Senior Editor

Atikah believes she’s always on the look out for the fun side in life as a form of escapism, whenever she’s not behind the screen editing videos. She is also the creative in the team.

Junior Producer
(Social Media Executive)

Fazila loves cats, like A LOT. She’s the one who keeps work and filming plans in order, and always seen with props and schedules.


Wanderlust has led her to different parts of the world and she aspires to experience different cultures across the globe. She multi-tasks on various social media platforms daily to stay up to date.

Salmah Mohamad
Senior Administrative Clerk

She loves to drink fruit juice and eats healthily all the time. Apart from being the “mother” in the office, she handles all administrative and financial matters.


Three things she definitely needs at work are Spotify, coffee and her planner. She is always looking out for the latest news, trends online and people’s grammar.

Programming Executive

If you ever see her at a cat cafe, she’d most probably be trying to find the nearest exit! She is the planner of all on air content and information.

Siti Raudhah
Senior Business
Development Executive

Annyeong! Splashed by the Korean wave, she loves everything from dramas, to beauty products and even enjoys their cuisine. Back at work, she looks out for greater opportunities for the team and keeps track of clients’ projects.

Programming Manager

She’s into rose gold and chasing sunsets or stars. Suriana studied hardcore computing but magic led her to do writing, producing, and now channel management.