santaiSantai is a revamped Sunday morning lifestyle and family show. At the helm of it are the award winning producers and celebrity couple Sujimy and Haslinda making a hosting comeback with this wholesome family show. From taking to the streets to get views from people on the ground to trying out family friendly activities over the weekend, it’s a great family lifestyle guide for all. Its first season was warmly received by the public.



Santai Season 1

Santai is a lifestyle show that aims to provide information and interesting male & female perspectives on topics which concern the family through lively discussions and banter.

Santai Season 2

Back for a second season, Santai is a morning lifestyle programme cum morning show, featuring award winning personalities, veteran hosts and a gamut of new segments like Hati Ke Hati, Googoogaga, Warga Happening, Buat Duit, Menawan, Kacau and Glam.

Developed for: MediaCorpTV12 Pte Ltd (Suria, Singapore)

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