The Million Makers


The Million-Makers has returned for a third season running. We venture into the lives of young Asian millionaires in the region who made their 1st million by the age of 35. ScreenBox traveled the region to uncover the secrets to their success and offers a peek into their everyday activities.

TMM-S1The Million-Makers (Season 1)

They are young, they are rich and they are Asian. Find out how they hit their 1st million before 35.





TMM-S2The Million-Makers (Season 2)

In Million-Makers 2, share the infectiousness of the entrepreneurial spirit from all the across the region with these robust million-makers.





TMM-S3The Million-Makers (Season 3)

In Million-Makers 3, be inspired as we profile these bold women entrepreneurs who have hit the big million in a typically male dominated industry. Also, find out about the men who have dared to venture risks in order to come out tops.




Developed for: ChannelNews Asia (Singapore)