About Us

ScreenBox Pte Ltd

As a one-stop integrated pre-production, production and post-production house, ScreenBox is rapidly establishing a reputation for its cutting-edge video artistry and its unorthodox, unconventional TV programming not just for local broadcasters, but increasingly also for Asia-Pacific and international broadcasting stations.

ScreenBox has a vibrant team and a slate of award-winning productions that include documentaries and lifestyle programmes, some of which have secured distribution in the U.S., Asia and Europe. Since its inception in 1999, ScreenBox has produced more than 70 television series for Media Development Authority (MDA), Channel News Asia and MediaCorp TV12 Pte Ltd.

ScreenBox won 5 international awards: three at the 34th and 35th Film and Video Festival in the United States in 2000/2001 and earned two Phoenix Awards for its unorthodox artistry and creativity in its productions (2007). Attesting to its high calibre TV productions, the ScreenBox team won five local awards for Best Documentary Category.

Currently extending its business focus to international distribution, ScreenBox has jointly produced with MDA an impressive portfolio of international documentaries entitled Explore Middle East, Business Nanny, The Peddlers of Asia, The Million-Makers and The Centennials.